Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to the Grindstone, Tylers Gem

Okay kids, time to get serious about this blogging business. However, not all these blogs are going to be serious mind you, did you read my last entry about cake? I missed dinner and was hungry, you work with what you've got.

I have survived the cleaning out my apartment, and putting much of it up for a garage sale this past weekend, as i get ready to move across town. Amongst the early morning set-up and the haggling, (no I wont lower the price on that tv and vcr to 5 bucks, it's not out of the box, but it doesn't run on transistors either, jeeesh,) I would call the weekend a success, but it cut me off from the outside world a bit and my last excuse not to keep up to date with this new blog is over.

As I recover from the past 4 days, I guess I am going to opt out a little today by bringing you a blog mostly stolen by fellow blogger and one who doesn't miss much, Tyler, over at Youngstown Renaissance. He found among his Sunday perusing of the "informationsphere," or whatever he peruses on a Sunday, a fantastic column by writer Maureen Dowd, who shared an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times about a conversation with Aaron Sorkin of the West Wing, and a meeting of President Bartlett and Democratic Hopeful, Barak Obama. (Run-on sentence much Scott? sorry kris.) Anywho, the article is here, and I recommend it highly, if you are either a West Wing fan, a Barak Obama fan, or just need, to realize that we need to get back to a Democratic White House. It reminds me of my favorite scene in West Wing, where President Bartlett, (Martin Sheen if you think I am bit delusional into thinking the tv show was real,) takes a conservative "values" radio host to task...................enjoy...........S

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Kris said...

Oooh, I'd forgotten about that West Wing scene! It was fantastic! Right up there with "get your asses out of my White House" (first episode). Good pick Scott. And I must say that you're a better ripper-offer than me because at least you brought something new to the table.

For the record, I didn't catch the run on if there was a run-on, and I loved the cake post. I may even bring cake to the next Stage!