Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Start a Blog, Take 4 days Off, What a Life!

So I would like to blame the winds of Ike on my not posting since starting this blog up this past weekend, but alas, power has been on the entire time. Quick observation on the winds.....while most clean-up has gone along pretty well I think, and communities have helped communities, let you me tell you a bit about my neck of the woods, Poland, (the township thank you, I have not learned to be pretentious enough to live in "the village.") On 224, in front of the now closed Brewsters Ice Cream (a sad story in and of itself, me likes me ice cream,) the winds blew down some trees and snapped a telephone pole in half, thus removing power to the stoplight at 224 and 616 intersection. It took until late Tuesday night to get the light working again. That's a highly travelled intersection folks, as our friends in PA like to sneak in through that venue. It is less than a hundred yards from another 3 way intersection at 224 and 170. People are just getting enough go in their jalopy from 170 to 616, that it's really not fun I guess to stop at a light that is out, forget laws or anything, that's just plain inconvenient! Yet what do my wondering eyes did appear as I travelled the intersection around 5pm on Monday? The Poland Village speed traps well underway instead of a police officer working traffic at that intersection. I actually saw them sitting in their favorite spot and just watching the traffic figure out how to get through that light, and hoping they could write more than just a speeding ticket. Observation over.

Great meeting last night for the Positive People Group last night. As they take residence downtown on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at The Rosetta Stone Cafe. A newly forming group, the Positive People Group has the goal of affecting change and improving the Mahoning Valley through a group of positive thinking people working together. The first project will be helping to clean up inside and out of the Oak Street Church down by the MVR Restaurant. The church was vandalized a while back and while they try to get back their security and their dignity, the Positive People Group is putting together a team to do some landscaping around the church and fixing their handicap ramp, and then going inside to work on some paint and carpeting. Anyone out there willing to donate time and/or materials, please let someone know by sending an email to Ron or Roy, founders of the PPG. Their emails are located on the website, . Talk soon friends..................S

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Anonymous said...

How awesome that we have a Positive People's Group in town! I think I might have to check that out next month! You live in Poland? Me too! (Not the village either. we are apparently "ghetto" Poland)