Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Stage

So it's dueling LIVE bloggers here at The Oaklands third outing of The Stage. I snuck in the back and could literally chuck popcorn at the heads of fellow bloggers Youngstown Renaissance, The Crseum, and Yoments. Unfortunately, there is no popcorn to throw (Mmmmm Popcorn....but i regress.) Heck...I was hoping for cake. I thought it was an anniversary sorta (Mmmm cake .......damn regression.) Well they're taking pictures....they're blogs win. Good thing we're not all twittering or there could be a cosmic explosion right here at The Oakland. Think i'll watch a few acts and go get ice cream (Mmmmm Ice Cream.........Dammit)


Anonymous said...

you twitter? I had no idea! Yeah Tyler won i think. My pictures didn't turn out! It was fun though at least....and of course always good to see one of my favorite stalkees!

Tyler said...

I totally did not win. I may get points for style, crse, but your post was way more engrossing. I mean, you were all about the yellow pants! And yoments was very detailed. I felt superficial by comparison. But hey, good pictures always helps fill the void :-)

Kris said...

I could really have gone for some cake, now that you mention it!